Support Centre
My position:

I am the Customer Service Manager at MECCA Brands. Customer Service encompasses everything to do with the customer and is an important connection between our Support Centre and Retail stores. I collaborate with as many departments as possible to ensure the customer is always represented. My day is spent answering phone calls and emails, helping my team, attending meetings, liaising with various departments about new product launches, events and much more!

My journey:

I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary with MECCA Brands! I first started in December 2005 as a Manicurist on the MECCA Nail bar which was located in our MECCA Cosmetica Lt. Collins St store. This closed 12 months later and I still miss it! For the 12 months that followed I was the Store Manager at our MECCA Cosmetica Brighton store, before moving back to Lt Collins St. I began to realise that Store Management wasn’t for me, so I moved to our MECCA Cosmetica Toorak Road store as Head Makeup Artist for the 3 years that followed. A position came up for the newly created role of Customer Service Manager and I jumped at it. I started first with just another casual staff member a few days a week and now 4 years later I have a team of 9 and we’re still growing! It’s been a really varied journey over the past 10 years and has really enabled me to have a great understanding of the customer experience that is so unique to MECCA Brands.

My department:

My team and I help our customers with anything and everything! From placing orders, tracking orders, website support, questions about our Reward and Recognition program Beauty Loop, product advice, assisting store staff, customer experiences and so much more! We offer customer support through the channels of phone, Live Chat, Social Media and email. We are a very important conduit between our Support Centre and stores as we are helping customers all day, every day. My team have mostly come from a MECCA store so they really understand and deliver our unique service culture and have amazing product knowledge. Making sure our customers have an amazing experience with MECCA Brands is paramount and the Customer Service department ensures this is upheld.

What I love most about working with Mecca Brands:

The people and the product! It’s such a supportive and inclusive work environment and I have learned so much about myself both professionally and personally over the last 10 years. It’s such an empowering place to work with so many intelligent and confident women to learn from and of course with Jo Horgan at the helm driving her vision, you are really a part of something so exciting and I can’t wait to see where MECCA will be in the next few years.

What does work-life balance mean to you, and how do you achieve this balance:

Work/life balance has never been an issue for me as I have always loved working and MECCA has always felt like a second home. The people make it a fun environment even when it gets busy and stressful. Having a wonderful close knit team that loves a laugh (and a very supportive husband) helps too! I find that work/life balance will always have ebbs and flows as work or life pressures dictate your focus each day/week. Not being steadfast in your daily routine means that you can be flexible to give what you need at the time.

My top tips for looking and feeling your best:
  1. Enjoying good food.

  2. Having a laugh.

  3. Fake tan!

My Mecca Brands must haves:
My advice to aspiring Mecca Brands team members:

Passion and drive will always get you noticed, even if you don’t have much experience demonstrating a willingness to learn and showing initiative will help you get ahead. MECCA Brands offers so much support and training that if you bring a great attitude, work ethic and most importantly true dedication to giving amazing customer service (and the products!) then you will absolutely stand out.

Claire in action