Support Centre
My position:

In my role as Payroll Manager, I am responsible for ensuring all our employees at our Support Centre, Warehouse, and Retail Stores are paid accurately and on time. I train, develop, and assist all employees with our programs, processes, reporting, and statutory requirements. I also work closely with other teams to improve the business’ day-to-day operations as we grow to ensure our values are still intact.

My journey:

While I was completing my Accounting Degree at University I was also working full-time in a manufacturing business. As the Assistant Accountant I was exposed to many areas of Finance and in particular, Payroll. It was there that I discovered I really enjoyed the Payroll function of Finance which lead me to source my first Payroll position in the Retail industry. After a few years of working in a variety of different industries, I realised that I really missed the fast paced environment of the Retail world. That was when I found the Payroll Officer role at MECCA Brands. I have now been with MECCA for over 3 years and have seen it evolve and grow in that time, with the number of employees doubling in size. As the business continues to grow, I have been fortunate enough to be promoted to Payroll Manager where I now manage and mentor my own team.

My department:

MECCA Brands’ number one priority is providing the best customer service to all our customers. That filters down to the Support Centre, and the Payroll team’s main focus is providing the best customer service to our employees. The Payroll team is responsible for not only paying everyone but also providing training and support to everyone in the business as well as outside the business. We have many programs and processes so it is our job to make it as easy as possible so that our employees can focus on our customers.

What I love most about working with Mecca Brands:

The opportunities to succeed are endless. I love coming into work and seeing like-minded peers who are also as hard working as you are - it really motivates you to be the best you can be. We are also privileged to have a business that is growing and thinking of innovative ideas to take care of our employees and making it the best place to work

What does work-life balance mean to you, and how do you achieve this balance:

Work-life balance for me is important and to achieve that can be challenging at times, particularly at a peak in my career. I try to switch off after work and on weekends to spend it with friends and especially family as well as have me time.

My top tips for looking and feeling your best:
  1. Have fun and don’t take life too seriously

  2. Take care of yourself first, whether it be your skin and body or conscious mind.

  3. Surround yourself with positive people

My Mecca Brands must haves:
My advice to aspiring Mecca Brands team members:

Truly spend time on developing yourself in your role. Many people seek opportunities and have already started thinking about the next step, but if you apply yourself it will get recognised and in time better opportunities will come. Be prepared for hard work and put yourself out there.

Kim in action