Support Centre
My position:

I’m responsible for the creation and delivery of MECCA Beauty Loop and our loyalty program for all concepts. My role involves developing the strategy, including proposing program structure, benefits and experiences for our customers and managing the CRM team. I am incredibly fortunate as we work cross functionally with many other departments to curate our iconic MECCA Beauty Loop boxes.

My journey:

I had worked in various Marketing roles and always had a passion for Retail and CRM (having been a part of some great Retail loyalty programs). My journey to MECCA Brands was an unexpected one, I was heavily pregnant when I first met with company to discuss their desire to set up a loyalty program for MECCA customers. 6 months (and a baby) later I decided to join MECCA Brands and started developing MECCA Beauty Loop. I loved the enthusiasm MECCA had for their customers and I loved that they wanted to develop something bespoke, as opposed to taking a ‘cookie cutter’ approach and putting in a loyalty program similar to what other Retailers were offering. After my first year, I moved into a broader Marketing Role, managing the MECCA Cosmetica Marketing team across Public Relations, CRM, Store Marketing and Visual Merchandising. It was an incredibly challenging and incredibly enjoyable role as I was exposed to many other areas of the business and had the opportunity to work across many great projects such as the opening of the MECCA Cosmetica Toorak Rd Flagship Store, a visit from Leslie Blodgett the founder of bareMinerals and various collaborations with the National Gallery of Victoria including Melbourne NOW and Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Almost 5 years later as the business has grown and as MECCA Maxima and have expanded, I have recently moved back into a focused role for CRM to build a specialist CRM team and to evolve MECCA Beauty Loop to continually recognise, reward and surprise & delight out customers.

My department:

We’re a newly formed team, having only been in place just over 6 months with the mandate to focus on developing and delivering our customers the best beauty loyalty program. The team ensure that the right MECCA Beauty Loop benefits are created, that campaigns and emails are sent out to customers on time and with the correct information and that customers will be able to successfully redeem their MECCA Beauty Loop benefits in store and online. Ultimately, it is our job to make sure that our loyalty members receives all their MECCA Beauty Loop benefits seamlessly and simply and, most importantly, that they enjoy them. After all, MECCA Beauty Loop is our way of saying “thank you” to our customers

What I love most about working with Mecca Brands:

I have been fortunate enough to have worked at MECCA during a time of incredible growth. This has sometimes made me feel like breathing into a brown paper bag, but I would not have it any other way! The fast pace and growth means that there is never a dull moment and there is endless opportunity and challenge. Our Founder has an entrepreneurial style that exudes through the business; if you want it, go for it! The culture is incredibly supportive and, compared to many other business’ I have worked in, it is one where you are allowed to be innovative and take risks. MECCA “walks the talk” and actually gets on with things to give not only our customers an amazing Retail and beauty experience, but their people an amazing career and opportunity to challenge them and grow.

What does work-life balance mean to you, and how do you achieve this balance:

For me, I have 2 careers which fulfil me; one is being a Mum of 2 kids and the other is at MECCA and I need to deliver on my commitments for both. Personally, I take a ‘whole life’ approach vs a ‘clock on, clock off’ approach. For me, this means that sometimes I may arrive in the office a little later so I can take the kids to school or, leave the office before everyone else so I can help my kids with their homework and have dinner with them, or watch my son kick a few goals at soccer practice! It also means that I balance this out by finishing my work at home in the evenings or weekends but I am happy to do that as long as both my ‘teams’ (my kids and my work colleagues) have me in person when they need and I deliver on my commitments. I always try to take some time out of both jobs for me; either some exercise, reading or dinner with my girlfriends. That’s work-life balance for me.

My top tips for looking and feeling your best:
  1. Exercise.

  2. Find time for yourself

  3. Find the good stuff in every day.

My advice to aspiring Mecca Brands team members:

Stick with it, it’s worth it. I have worked in places where it may not feel as busy or as fast paced, but the opportunity is not there and you’re not challenged or simulated. MECCA is a growing business and there is endless opportunity. They value their people and you are never just a number. It’s a great journey and you will learn SO much.

Claire in action